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…Without Paid Ads, Posting Content, or Doing Outreach Yourself

I want a cash producing machine

We plug in our golden sales setup in order for you to lay back and print cash.

Are you tired of not knowing where that next lead is coming from, or you just don’t have enough leads to scale your business past that barrier? Consider it as solved for once and forever…

When we help you dial in your offer, messaging, and targetting we will plug in our golden sales setup that will allow you to generate new appointments like clockwork. And the beauty of it all, you don’t have to lift a finger to get them!

It’s a proven setup that will allow us to reach 1000+ of your ideal clients a day with an appointment booking rate of 1-3%. This means you instantly get the qualified appointments you need in order to scale your business to the levels you were always dreaming of.

The struggle is over, let’s dream with our eyes open.

Unfortunately, we can’t scale poop.

So, the golden sales setup is the way to go, but there is a catch here… If you have a shitty offer together with shitty messaging, and we plug in our golden sales setup, we only get a bigger pile of shit! And that’s nobody’s business (I hope?).

So, in order to scale effectively, we will analyse your whole business with our proven formula. We will together dial in your offer, messaging and targets (if it’s not dialed in yet) so that it is an in-demand and scalable offer that people will feel stupid saying no too.

And if that is achieved together with our proven templates and formulas… then it’s time to turn on the golden sales setup AKA the appointment beast!

But wait… who is actually controlling that appointment beast?! 😱

No worries… this beast is on your side! So luckily, we have certified lead gen specialists that can control the appointment beast so that it won’t get out of its cage!

So, this actually means included in the golden sales setup we will have a certified lead gen specialist that has gone through immense training with the top notch knowledge in the industry regarding b2b lead generation and everything that comes along with it (sales, copywriting, offer creation, social lead gen and so much more… ).

We even rewire their brain to be the best of the best…. you might think, WHATT? Rewiring their brain?? It might sound crazy, but it’s actually true. We boost their confidence levels, get rid of limiting beliefs, and prepare them COMPLETELY to be the best of the best in steering the appointment beast and helping you win together with us.

When you want next-level results, you need to do next-level things!

So many appointments but not enough time!? Oh no.. do we need to stop the appointment beast?

Because we know our program works, we also know that you will be bombarded with new clients and so also new fulfillment… luckily, we are prepared for this already.

If you don’t have a proper back-end system in place you will trade your time for money and then it’s not fun anymore. You want your business to deliver results and work on autopilot without you being involved in the process.

Scaling our business to 45 virtual employees has learned us a lot and all the automation, systems, and proven team building principles will be transferred to you! 

So we will help you out with automating that back-end, putting the right people in the right spots, and levering proven team-building systems, tools, and tricks in order to really get that business that runs without you. 

Icon Media Co.

from $20k a month to $40k a month in 3 months

Maurice is an amazing guy that owns a social media marketing/service company that serves multiple clients in different industries. He already had a team set up and he was looking for some more help in his team and his outreach to get more clients consistently. He worked with us before we changed our name to XYZ, first it was called VA talents where we delivered a bit of a different service, but he was one of the persons that got part of the knowledge from us that we are delivering right now as well. (it’s even way better and more advanced right now) 


We helped Maurice with multiple coaching calls and advice mainly on the outreach, getting clients consistently, and how he builds his team. We also paired him up with one of our specialists that was going to help him do all the tasks. We explained him how to setup all the accounts and how to do the outreach in order to get that pipeline full and ready to scale his company. He immediately acted on the knowledge and together with his specialist.


He immediately 5/10x his outreach because of our golden sales setup and process all of a sudden they got more consistent leads and were closing more deals than ever. 

Icon Media Co.

Niche: Digital Marketing Agency

Result: $20k to $40k in 3 months

Founder: Maurice Salib

Slapend Rijk B.V.

from $100k a month to $500k a month in 3 months

When we started the program and coaching with slapend rijk bv (thomas horrevoers) there was not a really good team structure and hiring in place. They already did good with the revenue-generating activities but the main thing that they needed help with in this stage was the team building and structure in the business. This was not known to them yet and this is also where we could make the biggest gain for them. 


In order to go from 100k a month to multiple 6 figures a month, we immediately begin with implementing and explaining how to set up the right company structure and team in order to grow beyond the 100k a month mark. We exactly gave them the templates and frameworks in order to run their team and business effectively in order to scale to the next level. Their revenue-generating activities were good already but not always 100% stable and so we also gave them the formulas to eventually have more stable and predictable revenue in place. 


Slapend Rijk Bv grew from an average of 100k a month to 500k a month within 3 months. This is mostly because they were now able to scale the team and delegate tasks and things properly to their team. The systems and the information to have more predictable revenue allowed them to really rapidly scale their business. 

COO, Slapend Rijk B.V.

Slapend Rijk B.V.

Niche: Webshops

Result: $100k to $500k a month in 3 months

Founder: Thomas Horrevoets

Slapend Rijk B.V.

Truck Driver Media

from $0k a month to $16.5k a month in 1 month

Truck driver media is a company that focuses on finding and delivering truck drivers to transportation companies with the use of digital marketing. Alex is a really motivated guy and tried multiple things already to get clients, but unfortunately, he didn’t figure out the exact process yet in getting clients. The message was not 100% resonating with the market and he didn’t know exactly how to reach out and close on a higher result. this resulted in him struggling and trying but not succeeding YET. 


The first thing we did is assessing his business and seeing what he was exactly doing right now and what already worked out a bit and what not. When we saw the bottlenecks in the business we immediately started to help him out with the messaging, positioning and setting him up with the golden outreach setup and process in order for him to reach the ideal client A LOT of times every single day. Increasing his outreach from 10-20 a day to 100/200+ a day and testing out the messaging as fast as possible. When we found the right messaging that resonated with the market Alex got new sales calls immediately and we started to increase the outreach together with him to higher levels. 


Alex started to get new sales calls every single day and he was able to close the client with the scripts that we provided. After a month alex got 3 bigger paying clients and and 7 smaller clients that he sold his services too. Now he has a predictable selling system that can provide him clients on demand. Because all of a sudden Alex got a lot of clients we needed to stop the appointment system for a bit so that he could focus on the delivering of the good. We now help him systemize his business a bit better so that he can scale his company and continue the sales calls and get the clients in order to scale his company to better heights.

Truck Driver Media

Niche: Digital marketing for truck driver companies

Result: $0k to $16.5k a month in 1 month.

Founder: Alex Oosterhof

Truck Driver Media


Real Results From Real Clients

$20k to $40k a month in 3 months

$100k to $500k a month in 3 months

$30k to $120k within 2.5 months

10x Revenue Framework is formerly VA Talents*

10x Revenue Framework is formerly VA Talents*

10x Revenue Framework is formerly VA Talents*